Material Expertise

We exceed at exercising specialized, sustainable, and performance concentrated accoutrements integrated with advanced construction ways to produce decoration kids wear. And through its unique characteristics in fit, flexible, stretch, and comfort, these performance fabrics offers a whole new range of possibilities for moment’s active consumers.

Girls Western Casuals :

The fashion industry offers a diverse array of clothing products to cater to different tastes, occasions, and individual styles. Let's explore some popular products in this category See more...


We specialize in sewing all types of clothing items for children, especially western wear of girls. Our production line is also able to produce corporate clothing on order for the large orders Services.
Our factory in Amta offers you top quality children’s clothes for an affordable price while using the most advanced and latest technology solutions. We work on varied choices of different clothing types be it knitting or woven. Our local factory uses a number of highly advanced production lines to offer circularly-knitted T-shirts, skirts, hot pants, trousers, sportswear, capris and many other clothing items See more...